Quality Policy

GALENO CLINIC, through its quality policy, in its scope of health road transport service in individual and collective non-ambulance ambulances and in assisted ambulances of basic life support and advanced basic support, establishes the following principles of action in matters of organization management :

– The Directorate assumes the leadership of the Quality Management System and medical transport, and also expresses the commitment to establish, review and fulfill the Quality Objectives. 

– The quality in the management and the approach towards the fulfillment of the client’s requirements in the medical transport, including those specified in the contracts (when appropriate) as a common task of all the GALENO CLINIC members, so that all areas of the company are committed to final customer satisfaction.

– The basis of the actions of GALENO CLINIC will always be:

o Excellent treatment of the patient and any person related to him.

o Continuous training of staff.

o Provision of facilities and machinery in optimal condition, thanks to their exhaustive maintenance.

o Good image of the company and professionalism, through good manners, good treatment and professionalism in the service of all its workers.

o Promotion of internal communication of the organization.

– The establishment of a commitment to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, as a strategy to dedicate as many resources as necessary to the care of patients, the improvement of equipment and the improvement of facilities.

– The establishment of a commitment to the continuous training of personnel and the constant updating of the latest technological advantages of material resources, as a guarantee of the availability of adequate resources.

– The maintenance of an organization appropriate to the type of production, developing as a key aspect for the correct provision of the service in an adequate work environment.

– The establishment of a commitment to observe and comply with the laws and regulations applicable to the medical transport service.

Compliance with these principles leads GALENO CLINIC to become a sustainable company capable of satisfying its clients while satisfying the interests of workers, managers and partners. 

Sant Antoni de Portmany, on January 30, 2018

Basillio Safar Urfalli – Director




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