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Losing weight in a healthy way. This is our goal. Shedding those excess kilos in search of the ideal weight, in a durable way and without health being affected.

Whether fast or slowly, depending on the objectives and needs of each person. We know all the market options. We can select the weight loss method that best suits your needs.


A medical treatment which sets a Personalized Nutrition Plan for fast weight loss, but only of fat mass.

It is based on a programmed intake of proteins (for preserving muscle tissue) and of micronutrients (vitamins, trace elements, etc., to avoid any deficiency), thus enabling a dramatic reduction of carbohydrates and fat intakes.

It continues with a gradual reintroduction of foodstuff, evolving into a diverse and balanced diet, in order to achieve weight stabilization.

For the chemical characteristics of the process, after the first days, the absence of hunger is one of its features.

It is essential to check thoroughly the medical history in order to determine the suitability of each case.


It is based on calorie reduction, following a balanced diet in its immediate principles, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, but with a lower energy intake than usual. The purpose is to eat less quantity by restricting the consumption of certain foodstuff. The diet is gradually changed as the aimed weight approaches. Our goal is to change dietary habits, promoting healthy eating and physical exercise.


Their purpose is to make a lymph, liver and kidney drainage. Very suitable for people with a large component of fluid retention, after holiday periods, or after certain pharmacological therapies.


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